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Our newly remodeled, sound-treated music recording studios with top-of-the-line musician gear has been designed with you and your needs in mind, no matter the music genre or role in the music industry.

With the help of Epixsky, we have created a custom designed galaxy star ceiling. This is one of the many things in this residential recording studio that leaves our artists stunned when they first walk in.

We crafted studio rental spaces and control rooms where each artist is able to feel comfortable and in control, able to mold their environment and creations as they envision them.

We offer a unique location.  We provide an escape from the noisy hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.  We take the hassle out of the typical rental process. 


  • Optimized
    300 sq ft space
  • Fully adjustable
    LED lighting
  • Philip Hues LED lights
  • EPIX Star Panels
  • Ample Power Supply
  • Recording and Monitoring Rooms
  • Mastering Studio
  • Private Control Room
  • Remote Control Room


  • Custom-Made Desk
  • Barefoot Speakers
  • Apollo Interface
  • ProTools
  • Auto tune capabilities
  • Komplete13
  • Izotope
  • Full Drum Set 


At Clybourn, client security and privacy are also extremely important to us. As a privately gated estate we can assure our high-profile clients that they are guaranteed a peaceful retreat production atmosphere without any chance of being spotted or distracted.

We are also able to provide services like:

Storing gear or equipment overnight or long-term engagements, with 24/7 security in addition to studio rental. 

Need to bring in your team to help you brainstorm and plan for your next big idea with our sound engineers?

Consult with one of our studio representatives to learn more about all our services and book your studio session.

We have substantial gear available for rent to meet your needs here at Clybourn. We provide our music industry clients with professional sound engineers, producers, musicians, and other talent if needed for all music genres. Our rental partners are award-winning and successful musicians, songwriters, or engineers themselves. We invite you collaborate with them, whether you are searching for a new and unique vision, pursuing something more traditional and perhaps nostalgic, and everything in between.  Our sound engineer is here for you. 


How long does it take to record a song in a studio?

Most studio sessions involve an 8 or 12 hour day. Unfortunately, while the day will be productive, you won’t be recording for every second of that time. There are loads of other crucial elements to accomplish during the session.  Please call us to book a consultation with our team

How much does it cost to rent a studio?

Studio rental time at a unique, fully equipped studio like Clybourn Studios can range anywhere from $100 to north of $500 dollars an hour. At Clybourn, we don’t use a one size fits all approach on our studio session pricing. We book everything on a per project basis. Please call us or email us to start the conversation.

Do you provide audio engineers and support staff?

Great question.
Yes! We are a one stop shop studio. We make sure that you’ll have any equipment and support staff you need to make your session worth it for you and your crew. Our in house engineer has a deep understanding of the unique acoustic properties the Clybourn Studios has and is a master at providing professional services that exceed what you’ll get from a downtown Los Angeles studio. 

Can I use my own microphone?

Chances are the answer is Yes, but please contact one of our audio engineers to confirm your mic is compatible with our set up. 

Do you offer add on services?

Absolutely! If you need behind the scenes footage or still shots for your album covers for iTunes, Spotify or a YouTube thumbnail, we help you with that!


We offer top of the line amenities that rival the best
studio rentals in Los Angeles.

We provide:

  • A custom-made engineering desk,
  • Barefoot speakers
  • Apollo interface
  • ProTools
  • Auto tune capabilities
  • Komplete13
  • Izotope and many other plugins to choose from. Our recording studio is acoustically treated and has a sound proof vocal booth designed for all of your recording needs, such as music, voiceovers, and Foley.
  • Podcast studio, audiobook recording, livestreaming and more.

With air control and seating in the vocal booth, we designed the space to be both comfortable and malleable for complete sound control. We want to ensure that no matter what your project is, you can get it done exactly as you want it here at Clybourn Studios. 

Studio Rental Space:

If you need to book a space that is larger than our main studio in order to accomodate a larger group–whether a full band, orchestra, choir, hip-hop group. podcast recording or other production—our main photography studio has been acoustically treated and designed to be available for all of these specific needs.

Our space is ideal for dance rehearsals, band or tour rehearsals, podcast recording, photography needs, livestreaming event, or even a location for your next music video or podcast studio.

Need to book an outdoor filming location in Los Angeles?
We do that too!

  • High End Sound Recording
  • Secure, Private Property
  • On Site Luxury Parking
  • Modern, Professional Equipment
  • Customizable Creative Space
  • Full Suite Production Facility
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recording studio
recording studio


  • Professional Equipment

    We use high end, industry standard equipment, and work with
    the top tier sound engineers in the LA area.

  • Fair Pricing

    We provide fair rates for studio time that’s unmatched in the area.  We do all our pricing on a per-project basis…we have no set fees. We’ll work with you to get the best rate for your project.

  • Unique Location

    We’re just minutes away from Downtown and West Hollywood. We are one of the few studios that can offer a fully secluded and private experience to protect your high-profile clients from any noise and distraction while they produce music.

We’re a bit biased, but we believe we have the best studio rental rates and the most professional space in the Los Angeles area. The Clybourn property is an incredible space to record and engineer your project.  Additionally, our post-production team is second to none when it comes to putting the final touches on your work. We have also done our absolute best to take away distractions that could interrupt our client’s studio sessions when creating their next BIG project. 

When it comes to rentals, we affectionally refer to our property as
“your project studio in paradise! “

Our property is an optimized 300 square ft. space complete with fully adjustable LED lighting that can be altered based on your specific needs and preferences. The space is lined with Philip Hues LED lights that can create sixteen million different color combinations. The galaxy ceiling makes for great behind the scenes footage which is perfect for use on album covers and social media content.   

rent a music studio
Recording & Rehearsal Studio
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Custom-Made Desk
Barefoot Speakers
Apollo Interface
Auto tune capabilities
Full Drum Set 
Grand Piano Available 

We are a full service studio rental space.
If you don’t see what you need, ask us…we can
get it for you!

mixing board


Have a question about something you don’t see here on the website?
Ask us anything anytime!

Send us an email or give us a call at (323) 493-0011.  We offer free tours and consultations as well if you’d like to stop by before booking.

We understand and appreciate that every artist’s creative process is unique and specific, which is why we have worked hard to provide a professional recording studio in Los Angeles that truly is as customizable as possible. 



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